Visionary Art is…

Visionary Art   Visionary art is an artistic style which pays homage to the mystical experience and the transcendent spiritual wisdom of humanity.  The art emerges out of the artist’s inner journey into the realms of collective vision. Visionary art is created to reflect their personal insights and experiences. The vision the inspiration for the... Continue Reading →


Visionary Art: H.R. Giger

Visionary Art H.R. Giger H.R. Giger is an established master in the realm of sci-fi, surreal art, and visionary art and is the inventor of the Alien creatures from the famous film series Aliens. Unlike other artist focused on non ordinary states of consciousness Giger displays the hellish realms of the subconscious, or the bad... Continue Reading →


Parapsychology Parapsychology is the study of extended mind, esp, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psi, the seventh sense, and psychic abilities. Parapsychology currently is being researched by credentialed scientists with the strictest of controls to insure accuracy. The results show statistical support that many forms of psychic phenomena happen. The results have been repeated in scientific... Continue Reading →

Reincarnation: Research For Its Existance

Reincarnation The Unmistaken Child is a documentary about a young monk whose teacher is a great Rinpoche. His teacher dies and this young disciple is assigned the task of find his masters reincarnation so the teacher can return to the monastery. They begin by looking for signs in the ashes and in the smoke at... Continue Reading →

Psychedelic Research Past and Present

Psychedelic Research Visionary plants have been use since prehistory by human beings. Consciousness expanding compounds were used all over the world in ritual, and spiritual contexts to induce a non-ordinary states of consciousness. These plants were very important to shamanic practices, healing ceremonies, rites of passage and the mystery of death and rebirth. These ancient... Continue Reading →

Inner Dimensions of Global Crisis

Inner Dimensions of Global Crisis By: Transpersonal Spirit There has been criticism about the exploration and study of the inner worlds because it does not seem to help the external crisis occurring in the world today. Many people deeply engaged in inner healing through extended daily meditation seem to be escapists avoiding the troubles that... Continue Reading →

Yoga and Psychology

Yoga and Psychology By: Transpersonal Spirit Transpersonal psychology studies the intersection between mysticism, spiritualism and science.  The ultimate goal of yoga is to have a smooth flow of prana to lead one to the experience of divine union known as Samadhi. Samadhi is called the religious, mystic or peak experience in psychology and consciousness studies.... Continue Reading →

Healing Our Deepest Wounds

Stan Grof and Healing Our Deepest Wounds By Transpersonal spirit How Deep is Deep: Depth Psychology, Consciousness Research, and Archetypal Astrology. In this teleseminar, Rick Tarnas and Stan Grof will explore how psychedelic research has revealed the cosmic dimensions of the human psyche-by shifting the emphasis in psychology from postnatal life to the birth trauma,... Continue Reading →

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