Inner Dimensions of Global Crisis

Inner Dimensions of Global Crisis

By: Transpersonal Spirit

Palabras de Gaia Devorah a La Madre Afrodita

There has been criticism about the exploration and study of the inner worlds because it does not seem to help the external crisis occurring in the world today. Many people deeply engaged in inner healing through extended daily meditation seem to be escapists avoiding the troubles that are in the world around us. I believe that this view is flawed and the exact opposite is true. Through the process of inner transformation we become healthier and happier individuals.  This change that occurs with-in us will be noticed by those whom we are close to and will have an effect on them as well. Inner explorations also bring us face to face with the suffering in ourselves and in the collective consciousness of humanity.  Through experiencing our own deepest wounds we empathize with the wounds of others and can understand aspects of their process. This often leads to the desire to be of service in some way to others who suffer.

The process of inner transformation becomes the process of external transformation as we change our lives and the world around us to match the new sense of who and what we are. Inner transformation also brings encounters the web of life and we begin to understand that all life is alive and conscious.  We begin to understand that we cannot survive without the help of mother earth. We are dependent on a clean environment for personal health and survival. This all leads one to develop a natural instinct for what is good for ourselves and those around us.

It is hard to believe that the drama unfolding in the world today looks so bleek with the destructive power of nuclear technologies, increasing natural disasters, war, and mass extinction. It is as though the world is stuck in a cycle of endless suffering and destruction and there is seemingly no escape.  This coupled with prophecy from indigenous peoples such as the Hopi and the Mayan’s calendar. These prophecies predict a dramatic shift from one age to another for humanity and earth as a whole.   There are also dramatic and powerful astrological influences which are activating another phase of upheaval, destruction of old forms, radical creativity, innovation and replacement of outdated systems. This powerful transit is primarily being driven by the Uranus Pluto square which is in effect from 2008 to 2020. The last major alignment between these two planets was in the 1960 and 1970 and we are currently going through another phase of that cycle.

This crisis presents an amazing opportunity for growth and for establishing a new paradigm on earth that respects life. There are striking similarities between the events unfolding in the external world such as war, violence, destruction of the environment and the experiences people have in experiential therapies using alter states of consciousness. When people are reliving deep traumas from the birthing process they often will have internalized images and sensations of tremendous suffering, violence, sexual perversion and witnessing firsthand the atrocities committed in the past. These internal experiences of suffering and violence related to our psychological wounds can bring us into an experience of compassion for ourselves and the world around us. It is very possible that as a species our collective consciousness has reached a point in the journey where we are all experiencing the images and suffering related to the death rebirth process and to the collective karma of human history.  It’s as though we are as a species we are going through a physical and psychic manifestation of these destructive forces. If the non-ordinary states of consciousness are a creative aspect of our external realities then one could assume that after this phase the world will enter into the phase of rebirth evoking ecological and humanitarian awakening.

The collective nature of human consciousness is being explained by many fields of scientific thought. Quantum physics has its theories of quantum entanglement, universal fields of information, multidimensional realities. Ervin Laszlo developed the theory of the Akashic field and the connectivity theory which state that the entire universe is a field of information. The field of information is beyond the limits of time and space and is holographic in nature. This means that all information in the universe is available in at all times. This is contrary to our experience of reality which suggests that we are in a single place at a single time and that the information available to us comes from memories and the external senses. With the consideration of the Akashic field and findings in quantum physics it suggests a radically different view of reality from materialist western science of the previous 300 years.

This new view of the universe suggests that the entire cosmos is one living consciousness.   The whole universe from the smallest atom to the human being to galaxies far away is a conscious and alive part of the greater being. The whole universe has eyes and is aware of us because we are the universe on the most fundamental levels of reality. With this in mind we can imagine that humans would then be able to affect the world through awareness of the information in the Akashic field. I also could imagine that we would be able to obtain verifiable information from the Akashic field if we developed the skills.

Human beings are already connected by this field and many psychologists today are very excited about these theories because they verify mathematically what many people experience internally in spiritual experiences and in non-ordinary states of consciousness.  These finding are in direct agreement with the basic cosmology of the Buddhists, Hindus, various Native American tribes. Many people dedicated to their spiritual path will at some point will experience mystical union with the source of creation and perhaps with the new paradigm of quantum physics and transpersonal psychology these experience can become accepted as experiencing the deeper levels of what we are.

Planet Earth is facing a crisis and the influences of the heavens, the consequences of the actions of humanity are challenging the survival of the species. We could be entering the process of global death and rebirth experience where the destruction of old forms, systems and concepts is coupled with intense experiences of suffering, violence, hopelessness, and sense of doom and no escape.  In experiential therapies where individuals experience the internal ego death and rebirth process they experience incredible unimaginable suffering on par with Nazi Germany, genocides, nuclear fallout and then after some time they suddenly are lifted from destruction and experience the divine blissful realities and feel reborn.

The technologies have already been created to save our planet from destruction and humanity has suppressed these technologies for profit and power. This self-destructive repression of these technologies has led to an arms race with the potential to destroy the entire planet in moments. The problem does not seem to be humanities inability to adapt to the challenges we face but rather lack the willingness to do so. This could be caused by traumas that are deep in our collective psyche and once we heal those traumas the destruction of the Earth seems much less appealing. Research has shown that people with deep internal practices develop more compassion toward all life. If the entire planet was involved in conscious internal exploration with the help of experienced guides the entire planet would develop stronger social and ecological conscience which would lead to dramatic changes in the global policies. We may recognize as the Hindus and Buddhist did many thousands of years ago that we are all one. Even though most of the time we experience ourselves as separate and divided in reality that is the play of illusion and our true nature is the nature of a universal consciousness.

Studies in reincarnation are showing that many people have convincing internal experiences where they remember or relive some aspects of a past life. There have also been studies using hypnosis investigating the space between lives. People going through this hypnosis process repeated expressed that they were working with beings in that other reality to plan and plot out their next incarnation. In other words, we choose to come to the planet at this time for a reason that is cosmic in nature. We have all decided with the help of these guides beyond the veil of death to be here now and to experience what we are experiencing. The destiny of humanity is not fixed, we can easily create new technologies, worldviews and philosophical understandings that could not only save humanity from destruction but also encourage humanity to emerge from the crisis more whole and compassionate. If we are all interconnected it is not difficult to imagine that when we cause harm to others that is harms the collective as well. When we overcome our fears and anxieties we tap into the collective consciousness of humanity and heal some of the fears and anxieties in the collective.

By Transpersonal Spirit


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Stanislav Grof by Alex Grey

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