Visionary Art: A. Andrew Gonzalez

Visionary Art

A. Andrew Gonzalez

“It’s in the realm of the soul that we find the heavens that govern the sky.” Rumi

Yemanja By A. Andrew Gonzalez

A. Andrew Gonzalez is a self taught artist working in airbrush. He paints beautiful images of figures primarily feminine surrounded by mystical light and haloed with jeweled nets of being. He is the antithesis to H.R. Giger’s airbrushed nightmares of the grotesque; portraying the luminous nature of transcendent realities. The Figurative images at first appear to be done in relief, but in fact, are primarily monochromatic paintings with airbrush and other materials. The ecstatic moment and the eternal dance of the the infinite flowing around his archetypal figures. His work is like a mirror of divine light reflecting the spiritual energies inside our own being. Gonzalez states that his life long interest in the arcane, mystical and esoteric are the primary inspiration for his art linking himself to the visionary art movement with inspiration from Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, H.R. Giger, Dali and Ernst Fuchs. He teaches courses in fantastic and visionary art in the US and aboard and has exhibited in the US and Europe.

Fravashi By A Andrew Gonzales.
The Creatrix By A. Andrew Gonzalez
Crescendo of the Heart By A. Andrew Gonzalez.
Unio Mystica By A. Andrew Gonzalez.
Summoning of the Muse By A. Andrew Gonzalez
Magia By A. Andrew Gonzalez

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