Visionary Art: Roman Villagrana

Visionary Art
Roman Villagrana
Roman Villagrana is a visionary painter from the emerging interdimensional  consciousness of humanity. His artworks speak to the expanded senses of the human being and display the incredible universes beyond the material reality.  “Yes, we are becoming an interdimensional civilization and for those that are so stuck on one dimension, they are likely experiencing, “the End of the World”.  On the opposite side is the SynchroMystics using mythic vibes and stories of multidimensional beings so we can reflect and ground the existence of interdimensional presence. Art as all other offerings such as spirituality have the power to reflect this presence.” Roman Villagrana (
Goddess of the Moon By Roman Villagrana
“Interdimensional Art Movement as a reflection of the true “I AM”, a platform for artists that represent the healing of our fragmented world through harmonic synchronization in the act of free creative expression…The best art is the art that allows the viewer the perceive outward and inward with presence.  There are consistent symbologies in our contemporary visionary community, like meditating beings, central columns of light, goddess imagery, sacred geometries, and other empowering motifs.  These images are attached to beings that have opened themselves up and given birth to them…. Often times through entheogenic ritual, but always through a moment of focus ,when we are centered enough to bring forth these perceptions that are beyond ourselves.  It isn’t until we share those perceptions with others that we realize this is not the total truth of it.  These images are ourselves not beyond us!  When artists open up, with intention, a collective spirit that lives with-in us all comes through.  Artists that feel they have a duty to envision a collective well being without the viewer are fabricating dreams. Through art and expression we unite in our creative center. With the right intention, we take flight and ignite the truth that is infinitely with-in us all.” (Roman Villagrana 
Interdimensional Traveler By Roman Villagrana.
In “Interdimensional Traveler” Roman Villagrana reveals to us his vision of the interdimensional traveler. The image is built on an architecture of sacred geometry and uses the classic eastern motif of the seven chakras and the godhead above. The lower part of the image shows the most material chakra filled with sacred geometry.  A divine light rises along the central energetic axis of the figure uniting heaven and earth. The image is rainbow colored following the chakra system with red at the bottom and purple at the top. Each of the seven chakras contains with-in it a whole dimension of being. When all chakras are activated the energy of the kundalini serpents rise up the spine to the crown chakra. The person enters a deeply altered state of consciousness which for Villagrana is described as interdimensional travel. The consciousness moves into a vast dimension of being.
Back To Creation By Roman Villagrana
Un Sol Galactico By Roman Villagrana
Green Tara By Roman Villagrana
Our Most High By Roman Villagrana
Healing the Nation By Roman Villagrana

Roman Villagrana says that visionary artists often open up to creative ideas through entheogenic ritual, in other words, they are transported into alternate dimensions of being by the sacred and spiritual use of psychedelics. These substances are catalysts for profound spiritual awakening and for understanding the human condition. Throughout history and currently ceremonial use of psychedelics has been accepted as an important spiritual and medical treatment for the whole of the community. In the Native American Church the they say the medicine, grandfather peyote, unites the tribes, it heals the peoples, it brings community closer together in a divine purpose. Most importantly, it gives their prayers and expressions of appreciation more power the be heard by the spirits in the spirit world. These prayer are often answered and incredible synchronicities occur in one’s life following these ceremonies. In western cultures many individuals and groups have taken to using entheogenic medicines with similar intentions. Artist like Roman Villagrana are displaying the visions received from the heart of their most sacred moments. The art is for communal healing, realization and becomes a channel for an interdimensional presence which is teaching and healing the Earth community.

Medicine Buddha By Roman Villagrana.
Mother of Creation By Roman Villagrana.
Unified Polarity By Roman Villagrana
Birth of a New Era By Roman Villagrana

Links to Roman Villagrana and his work

Roman Villagrana

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