Visionary Art: Fabian Jimenez

Visionary Art

Fabian Jimenez

“My purpose is to reveal inner realms, to unveil them through an interpretation of the universal Oneness, its timeless flow and manifestation in this plane.
I draw inspiration from nature, mainly from the architecture of insects and plants, I am deeply obsessed with the tiny micro patterns nature is capable of bringing everywhere; their intricate shapes reveal grids of sacred geometry, it is there where I take my pencil and try to channel them.” Fabian Jimenez (

Divine Medicine Torrent by Fabián Jiménez

Fabian Jimenez reveals the inner realms through the use of traditional media and digital tools. He is a musician who creates electronic psytrance.  The rhythm of his artworks is musical transporting the viewer into realms of organic psychedelia. He unveils the hidden quantum realities through the translations of his inner visions born of experience. He uses abstraction and pattern to symbolize fields of consciousness which extends beyond the individual self. He features symbols like the flower of life, geometric energetic fields and sacred geometry drawn from nature.  This shows the unity of all creation and the depth of consciousness. He paints strange alien like beings as the intelligent inhabitants of the worlds inside and beyond normal perception.

Ectoplasma By Fabian Jimenez. Digital
Harmonic Resonance By Fabian Jimenez. digital
Roots of Yggdrasil By Fabian Jimenez. digital
Quantum Goddess By Fabian Jimenez. Digital.
Gaiaa By Fabian Jimenez. Digital.
Unity Grid By Fabian Jimenez. digital
Creation Nexus By Fabian Jimenez.
Pineal Manifolds By Fabian Jimenez
Visionary Prankster By Fabian Jimenez

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