Christian Bland Psychedelic Poster Artist

Christian Bland

Psychedelic Poster Artist

christian bland and rob fitzpatrick 2010 psych fest
Christian Bland and Rob Fitzpatrick 2010

Christian Bland is an artist who resides in Austin Texas; he founded his design studio Bland Design in 2004. He states, “Austin, TX was the birthplace of psychedelic music with the advent of the 13th Floor Elevators. Therefore in order to keep the spirit alive, Bland Design was born.”   Bland is a dynamic artist who crosses mediums doing poster art, album design, logo design, song writing as well as a multi-instrumentalist. He is in the world renowned psychedelic rock band The Black Angels and does design for the band providing them with a unique and personal ascetic.  He also plays in the bands Christian Bland and The Revelators and UFO Club all based out of Austin Texas.

Christian Bland
Christian Bland

Bland says, “I’ve always been interested in old advertisements, movie posters, war propaganda posters, and just general design from the 50’s & 60’s. I studied graphic design & advertising at Florida State University and was attracted to the simple, mind bending, sub-conscious controlling art from the 60’s. I love everything from Wes Wilson’s Fillmore posters, to the optical art of Bridget Riley & Julian Stanczak.”  (

christian  Bland mohawks
Christian Bland

There is a clear parallel between his music and his visual art, both are influenced by the psychedelic era between the 1960’s and early 1970’s and drip with lysergic inspiration. The Black Angels stay true to the sixties with light shows and projections to create a sensory experience to behold.  Bland also is a core organizer for the Annual Psyche Fest in Austin along with Robert Fitzpatrick, James Oswald, Alex Maas. This same group of people own a record label called The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Christian Bland and the revolators.
Rob Fitzpatrick 2012

Christian Bland is a full time artist and an influential figure in the development and continuation of the psychedelic culture.  His music, visual art, and organizing has altered the perceptions of people world-wide. His goal is to keep the spirit of the 1960’s psychedelic movement alive and open people’s minds to new perceptions of themselves and the world through the arts, this guiding principle has truly become manifest in the efforts.

christian bland east coast tour 2007
Christian Bland 2007
christian bland fest
Christian Bland
christian bland laced with romance
Christian Bland
christian bland native horse
Christian Bland
christian Bland native
Christian Bland
christian Bland psych fest 2
Christian Bland
christian bland psyche fest 1
Christian Bland
christian bland psyche fest poster
Christian Bland



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