Visionary Art: Adam Scott Miller

One Iris:The Nascence of Nanshe. Adam Scott MIller
oil paint on canvas

Visionary Art

Adam Scott Miller

Visionary art is a term which describes artworks depicting extraordinary experiences that occur when one explores their inner world. Meditation, yoga, prayer and intention practiced with dedication can bring one deep into the inner universe. One on the path of inner exploration may experience something beyond description, an overwhelming experience of the divine reality and mystical union. These kinds of experience have been described throughout history by profits and holy men from all over the world.  Visionary artist are artists who attempt to describe this inner universe in its beautiful and hellish forms.

“The paintings of Adam Scott Miller are artifacts excavated from exploring the relationships between mystical personal experience and universally relevant concepts. Art is his tool for discovery, and a by-product of the experience of his consciousness. This integral creative work is how he processes his perceptions of the visible world and the energetic fields from which it blooms forth into new informed and numinously refined visions of symbiosis. The ‘numinous’ is characterized by the quintessential qualities of the sacred: mystery, awe, fascination, satisfaction, and inspiration. The art serves as a reflection of our context, and achieves its maximum potential in the intention to improve and benefit the whole. [Adam Scott Miller, Yosemite, 2009]” (

Condewync: Transpiration of the Bose-Einstein Condensate By Adam Scott Miller. Oil paint on canvas

The artwork beautifully depicts a rainbow filled universe with energetic fields and symbolic representations of the multivalent levels of being (body, mind, spirit, unity).  Expressing the deep layers of the subconscious and linking it to the domains of being where we transcend our bodies, our ego, and feel connected in the web of life.

Flux Conductor By Adam Scott Miller. Digital painting.

Adam Scott Miller draws inspiration from a variety of sources both in eastern spiritualism and western science.  He represents vibrational frequencies and fields of energy discussed in quantum physics and in eastern medical and spiritual texts. In quantum physics the universe is now believed to exist beyond space and time, all things are connected to one another and with-in each piece of the universe lies the potential to access all information in the entire cosmos. During extraordinary experiences such as those in deep trace or psychedelic sessions many people become more aware of the vibrational nature of the universe and sense the symbiosis of all life in the universe at all times.

Wisdom’s Dare By Adam Scott MIller

In Wisdom’s Dare Adam Scott Miller beautifully displays Gaia, the embodiment of mother earth, holding the merkaba, or the star tetrahedral (a symbol of the heart). The heart holds the gateway to the infinite and connection with the divine universe. The heart is also the symbol of love and nurturing.  The butterflies represent transformation and transcendence, the stars are shown as geometric fields radiating and influencing each other and the events of the earth.  The figure’s head opens into the light of the divine reality transcending the body and uniting into a field of consciousness beyond the conventional limits of human experience. The dimension of consciousness depicted at the top of the painting is very similar to what people report in medical research with DMT, where one enters a very real world in another dimension losing all identification with the body.

Nurture By Adam Scott Miller. Digital art, Corel Painter
Holding Space By Adam Scott MIller

The paintings using human figures often draw inspiration from the Ayurvedic and yogic representations of the chakras, nadis and marma points. These words chakras, nadis and marma points describe the various points and lines through which life-force or prana circulates in the body.   When we travel deep with-in ourselves and expand our awareness inward we often can sense, feel or intuit this life-force with-in the body.  The Chinese and Japanese also have energetic lines which they diagram and use for healing medicine; these lines are called the meridians and acupoints. Meridians and acupoints are channels through which chi or life-force flows in Traditional Chinese Medicine. When this chi is in perfect harmony the body is in perfect health.

The Golden Apple By Adam Scott Miller
The Witness By Adam Scott Miller. Acrylic on 36×36″ cradled board
Kindling the Enigma By Adam Scott Miller Oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil on 11×14″ bristol on cradled board.

The energy with-in the energetic channels also effects the body, mind and spirit. There is a phenomenon known as kundalini rising where energy explodes upward from the base of the spine and sends the consciousness beyond the body into a divine dimension of being.  The sensation of kundalini rising is said the be like two snakes of fire spiraling DNA like up the spine connecting the chakras and opening one to the divine realities and non-ordinary dimensions of consciousness.

Celestial Shore By Adam Scott Miller. Oil, pastel, pencil on 18×24″ bristol on cradled board.

Adam Scott Miller depicts the emanate divine, this is when nature appears to radiate with light and divine life-force.

Ocean in a Shell By Adam Scott Miller. Oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil on 9×12″ bristol on cradled board.
Parabolic Vehicle of Conception By Adam Scott Miller. Oil, ink, pastel, pencil on 18×24″ bristol on cradled board.
Epiphany of Sophia By Adam Scott Miller. Oil, pastel, pencil on 18×24″ cradled board.
Pre-Sent Science By Adam Scott Miller. Oil, pastel, pencil on 9 x 12″ bristol vellum mounted on cradled board.


Antenna By Adam Scott Miller. Oil, pastel, pencil on 16 x 20″ bristol vellum mounted on cradled board.
Thermodynamic Horizon By Adam Scott Miller. Oil, ink, pastel, pencil on 16×20″ bristol on cradled board.
Netjer By Adam Scott Miller. Acrylic & oil on 18×24″ canvas.
Rhizomorphic Resonance By Adam Scott Miller. Acrylic & oil on 24 x 30” canvas.
Holoscopic Nature By Adam Scott Miller. Acrylic on 24 x 36″ canvas.
The Peacock Angel By Adam Scott Miller. Acrylic on 24 x 36″ canvas. 2004.
Lachrymous Self By Adam Scott Miller. Charcoal, gouache, ink on 18 x 24″ bristol vellum mounted on cradled board. 2004.
I AM By Adam Scott Miller

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