Graham Hancock Magian’s of the God’s Lecture

This is a recap of what I gathered from a lecture given by Graham Hancock in support of his new book. The quotes are all from memory, dates, names and other information was cross referenced in Graham Hancock’s incredible new book Magicians of the Gods.

Graham Hancock

The lecture was at the University of Minnesota in a nearly sold out room. It began with Dennis McKenna, expressing his personal interest in Graham’s work. He honored Satha, Grahams Wife, who has put her life into Graham’s journalism. She goes to the sites, dives underwater and takes photographs, without her none of this would have been possible. Dennis Mckenna spoke of Graham Hancock’s continued resolve to put forth exciting and controversial theories which show that ancient advanced civilizations existed at least 5,600 years earlier than previous thought. He has studied the scientific evidence for 30 years and recent discoveries conclusively show that an ancient advanced civilization existed at the end of the ice age, 11,600 years ago.

graham hancock pic
Graham Hancock

Graham came to the podium and set the stage with a polite apology about only having had 2 hours of sleep two consecutive nights. Then he set forth to deliver a powerful 3 hour presentation rewriting human history without one break or sip of water. He began with a video of himself and Zahi Hawass a leading Egyptologist, speaking in Egypt. They were at a lecture in which the two were scheduled to each give a presentation and then debate. Zahi Hawass refused to debate and refused to witness Graham’s lecture. In The Q and A section an audience member asked Hawass about Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, which is the earliest confirmed display of human civilization setting advanced human culture back to 9600 BC. Embarrassingly Hawass had never heard of it. Then the moderator who was also an Egyptologist stepped in and explained the discovery of this site. Why would Hawass be so blindly opposed to hearing new information about the history of human culture and the new understanding of cataclysmic world changing events recently discovered by mainstream science? Graham said, “This is what we are up against.”

The Magicians of the Gods lecture began like a college history lecture and the timeline of human history was projected on the screen. His talk was focused on 12,800 -11,600 years ago also known as 10800 BC – 9,600 BC. This time is known as the Younger Dryas cooling period. This is when the global temperatures suddenly dropped for 1,200 years and then just as rapidly the temperatures shot up. In traditional history advanced human civilization only began 5,000 years ago but with the discovery and carbon dating at Gobekli Tepe it is now known that civilization began at least 11,600 years ago at the ending of the Younger Dryer cooling event.

younger dryas

Graham continued to the next slide with no pause; the Younger Dryas Cooling event was caused by a comet impact event of massive proportions. A comet broke up in the earth’s atmosphere striking multiple times leaving characteristic sediment and ash layer in the soil across the entire northern hemisphere of the Earth. The primary point of impact was in the North American ice sheet and ground zero was in Washington State.

Shows areas where comet impact craters have been found from the Comet impact which began the global cooling event. This image is from

This created massive destruction and flooding. The impact broke up the ice sheets covering the northern hemisphere and giant glaciers entered the ocean. This dropped the temperature of the ocean and water levels raise was up to 400 Kilometers in some areas; the global rise in water levels submerging many ancient sites and changing the map of the globe dramatically. This stopped the Gulf jet stream causing global cooling plunging the world into a dramatic drop in global temperature which would last 1,200 years. Cataclysmic flooding would go on for just a matter two to three weeks with high speed water carving the Earth. This wiped out a large area of land and any living thing in the area. In the aftermath many part of coast line remain submerged up to this day.


Graham Hancock believes that during, before and after this event there was advanced human civilization which was destroyed by the comet impact and global temperature change. The hunter gather societies continued to survive around the world following the impact. Graham says it’s possible that humans with advanced knowledge from the city centers survived and traveled out to other areas to spread their knowledge and preserve their traditions.


There is evidence which suggests that many ancient sites may have been misdated or misinterpreted because of the established theory that civilization began 6,000 years ago. With this assumption in mind researchers would have excluded evidence which suggested otherwise. The greatest example of this is the Sphinx in Egypt. There is mounting evidence which shows that this structure in older than previous thought because of water erosion on the stone on and around The Sphinx. The erosion pattern shows heavy rain fall which could only have been possible if it was built between 11,000 – 12,800 years ago during the Younger Dryas cooling event or before. The older date for the Sphinx was thought impossible by archaeologists because there was no other known civilization at that time, but now we know an ancient civilization existed 11,600 years ago in Gobekli Tepe, Turkey.

gobekli tepe 1
Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

Mysterious thing about the Gobekli Tepe in Turkey is the highest craftsmanship and most impressive artwork are the oldest in the site. The site was abandoned 1000 years after it was started and finished with the lowest quality of arts and architecture. Perhaps this is due to the influence of an already established high civilization which came in and introduced the area to megalithic building techniques and agriculture. This concept supports the human diaspora from city centers caused by comet impact proposal.

Gobekli-Tepe 2
Gobekli Tepe

If comets did destroy human civilizations in the past is it possible that it could happen again. In fact, a comet came dangerously close to Earth on October 31st 2015 and was only spotted 20 days before passing the Earth. The comet was as close to the Earth as the Moon. The comets which have wreaked havoc in the past are part of the Taurid Asteroid Belt and this comet in 2015 was also part of this asteroid belt. We pass through this debris field twice every year and due to the movement of the solar system through space we are moving into more and more dangerous territory within in this debris field.

Taurid Asteroid Belt

This is supported by a team of astrophysicists exploring the dangers of comet impacts on Earth. Currently, the governments of the world devote very little money or attention to preventing comet impacts on Earth. Perhaps, the whole earth can work together to stop a common enemy, namely, the comets and we can avoid the fate of our ancestors. Graham repeated that he does not want to be a messenger of apocalyptic warnings but is merely suggesting that people should be interested in preventing this kind of cataclysm from occurred in the future and pointed out that we have the technology to prevent comet impacts but the program has a very small budget. Then he said, “In the end all that matters is love.” He received a standing ovation!

The Q and A section was brief after a three hour presentation. He commented on the level of knowledge that is hidden within the geometry and trigonometry of the ancient sites. These sites hold with-in them both astrological knowledge outlining the movement of the planets, constellations and even the long cycles of the procession of the equinox or the infamous wobble in the Earth’s rotation. He admitted that to this day he has no idea how it was possible for these ancient civilizations to move and cut the massive building stones sometimes weighing upwards of 900 tons. He speculated that a technology mediated by consciousness could have been developed. He spoke about his optimism for the future and attributed it to the young people of the world who no long trust authority figures who are controlling our minds and lives for the purpose of increased control and power.

Anderson Debernardi - magic-serpents
Anderson Debernardi – Magic Serpents

Graham ended the lecture with a powerful statement about visionary plants and their transformative power. A woman asked, what can we do to help improve the world and Graham responded, “Ayahuasca lots of it, in heavy doses… We need to raise our consciousness and visionary plants have played an important part in that…” This is all paraphrasing from memory but he then said, “It is uncanny how this Ayahuasca has emerged from the jungle and spread around the globe at just the point in time when the Amazon is facing near total destruction and the Earth’s ecosystem is being challenged in new and dangerous ways.”

Incredible, The Magicians of the Gods reveals even more about the comet impact and ancient civilizations!


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