Time Travel at Damanhur Part 1: January 17 1994

Time Travel at Damanhur in N. Italy:

This is Part 1 more coming soon… January 17 1994

“The incredible experiences of the Temponauts related here were given directly to QDq the Damanhurian daily newspaper creating extraordinary excitement amongst its readership. Here we publish a selection of the most meaningful articles and testimonies.”

I am writing about this because it has been lost to time and is no longer available online however, I still have my files from my month stay at Damanhur as a grounds keeper nearly 15 years ago (today is 2019). I was not a full member of Damanhur, in fact, I was the first American University student to appear on their grounds and managed a few other firsts along the way as they slowly revealed their culture to me. Damanhur changed my view of the world forever and showed me there is a way for humanity to live in harmony and it comes complete with a deep respect for the spiritual mysteries and technologies of the sacred.

See my first article Damanhur an Introduction for more information.

Before we begin Damanhur is the world’s most successful eco-village creating their own culture, offsetting pollution and building every aspect of their sprawling ideal farming and arts based spiritual community. They have build the Temples of Humankind which is being called the 8th wonder of the world and is dedicated to honoring all the world’s religions and our spiritual link to the whole of the universe and beyond. They developed spiritual technologies used to increase and channel spiritual energy. Through creative ceremonies which extend for hours the temples technology becomes charged and a gateway opens to travel through time. Yes, travel through time.

Here’s what Damanhurian’s have to say about it from their own reports translated by Damanhurian’s from Italian to English; the translation is not perfect but the information is fascinating.

The incredible experiences of the Temponauts related here were given directly to QDq the Damanhurian daily newspaper creating extraordinary excitement amongst its readership. Here we publish a selection of the most meaningful articles and testimonies. ”

Damanhur water room

Time Travel Log January 17th 1994 (#1)

Yesterday in the late afternoon (the first experiments):

Nine Minutes In Time

The complete success of an historical event
Monday January 17th XIX (1994)

“Time Travel has begun! Yesterday four people made some experimental passages in the Cabin: two physical Temponauts and two subtle body Temponauts after various phases of preparation they went to explore the places and characters they will travel to at the end of May.

The first people to have had the opportunity – of enormous historical importance not only for us and for this epoch but also for the whole planet – to travel in time have been: Aracne Orchidea, Antelope Verbena, Ornitorinco Oleander and Amadriade
Initially it was thought that five people would make the trial run but the length of time the passage was open and the energy available finished before the fifth had the possibility of access. Five nominees were chosen out of the forty-two that had passed the first and second levels of the final training which was completed on Sunday. Other people will be called little by little to make a trial run so that every passage in the cabin will be established and refined so that there will not be no room for error on the real trip: in fact its operation is still not perfect. The trials are therefore experimental in terms of the Cabin and also training for the travellers.

Do they remember? Certainly they remember!
The necessity of ‘ selective memory’ that is the ability to record indications only on an unconscious level without having to remember them consciously is an essential rule in completing the temporal trip, but it is exclusively connected to the techniques of access to the journey in time. We are talking therefore of a situation of guardianship, to avoid the person making gestures and movements rashly or out of distraction which could induce a temporal passage, and result in them finding themselves elsewhere without knowing how to return. Everything else however, that is relative to the memory of feelings, and the events seen and completed can stay in the consciousness without creating problems (perhaps less if the events are particularly traumatic).

For the journey a Cabin was used with a specially prepared seat (used only by the subtle body Temponauts); the environment was completely pressurized, closing the various access points. In the Hall of Mirrors about ten people played musical instruments of all kinds uninterruptedly charging up the various altars: every altar represented a kind of ear predisposed to load specific frequencies. Every sphere of the Hall covered in gold served to activate the mechanism of individual passage, everyone using a different access code.

Every Temponaut was then prepared for their own specific entry by entering the Cabin and there the preparation of the more contemplative, technique took place, with the detailed insertion of all the instructions and the various mechanisms for finding and inserting into the temporal door and successfully wearing a new body. Following the indications like they were road signs, the traveller begins the subtle journey to reach the person that will host them 4,719 years ago.” – Damanhurian Daily Newspaper

Part 2 preview:

Tuesday January 18th XIX (1994)

Time Travel: emotions and events
; A Strong Impact

The way consciousness can move, to travel…

For more info on Damanhur see my previous article here: Damanhur an Introduction

By: Temple Rose

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