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Parapsychology is the study of extended mind, esp, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psi, the seventh sense, and psychic abilities. Parapsychology currently is being researched by credentialed scientists with the strictest of controls to insure accuracy. The results show statistical support that many forms of psychic phenomena happen. The results have been repeated in scientific research carried out over the last 150 years.  There is so much evidence for the existence of these extended mind abilities that many skeptics and intellectuals are beings forced to take a look at ingrained assumptions in the scientific community and look at the results of the research.

Human beings continuously score above chance, statistically, in numerous tests to study the wide variety of psychic abilities. How is it possible that one can repeatedly guess above chance in situations like guessing the image before it shows up on a screen, synchronizing brain waves with someone thousands of miles away, or faster healing for patients being prayed for? These types of studies are forcing us all to question whether humanity has the ability to access information using channels unknown to standard science.

Psychologist Stanislav Grof comments on parapsychology because he has encountered it repeatedly in clients during therapies which induce non-ordinary states of consciousness.  He says,

“Traditional scientists consider psychic phenomena impossible because they imply transfer of information or even influence on material processes without the mediation of known channels and energies. The common denominator of the experiences and events belonging to this category is that they transcend the usual limitations of space and time. Psychic phenomena can manifest under ordinary circumstances and do not necessarily require a change in consciousness. However, holotropic states (a category of non-ordinary states) greatly increase their incidence… Telepathy is direct access to the thought process of another person without using words, non -verbal clues, signs, or other conventional means of communication. Out-Of-Body Experiences are episodes during which disembodied consciousness is capable of moving in space and accurately perceiving the environment. When such perception involves remote locations, it is referred to as astral projection. … precognition is accurate anticipation of future events without any objective clues. Clairvoyance is the capacity anticipation of future events without using the ordinary channels; it involves transcendence of spatial barriers, temporal barriers or both. Psychometrics is a process of obtaining information about the history of an object, facts and impressions about a person to whom this object belonged by extended tactile contact with that object. The term psychokinesis refers to situations in which material objects or processes are influenced by psychological means.”  (Grof 2006 pg 169 – 170).

Robert Morris studied the effects of thought on random number generators concluding that thoughts effect the sequence of numbers in random number generators.

“Until his death in 2004, for 19 years Robert Morris and his parapsychological colleagues around the world conducted experiments that showed statistical evidence for the existence of psi abilities with odds against chance of millions to one….And the results obtained by Morris and his team at the Koestler Institute and other centers of such research, such as Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory in the US, are tens of thousands of times more significant then the evidence required by the governments to allow pharmaceutical companies to market a new drug!” (Laszlo, Currivan 2008 Pg 95).

Remote viewing is seeing a place in the present time which is far way through closing the eyes and imagining. Many organizations began a series of studies starting in the 1970’s; the CIA, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) from 1973 to 1988, a government funded think tank called Science Applications International Corporation from 1989 to 1993 all found positive results supporting the existence of remote viewing these studies where then replicated at Princeton University showing statistical odds against chance to 100 billion to one. (Laszlo, Currivan 2008, Sheldrake 2003).

Well documented cases of precognition have been collected since the 1880’s up to the present and taken all together the results show that there are precognitive events occurring in humans. In a total of over 2 million individual trials the combined results of these studies produced odds against chance of 10000000000000000000000000 to 1. (Sheldrake 2003).

These statistical numbers such as a billion to one, mean that the odds of a person guessing as documented in the studies by mere chance is a billion to one. It suggests that people have the ability to produce results that are contrary to what should occur by chance. For example, the odds of guessing the top card in a deck of cards in 1 out of 52, however, humans get the card correct more often than 1 out of 52. The compiled results prove that humans in precognitive tests guess above chance to such a significant degree that the odds of it being pure luck or chance are a billion to one. The deeper meaning of this statistic is that humans have the ability to guess better then chance in precognitive tests and no one knows how or why.

Randolph C. Byrd (1988) conducted a double blind experiment on distant prayer healing. This occurred in The San Francisco Hospital. The patients and physicians had no idea what patients were being prayed for at a distance by a prayer group. The group which was prayed for had decreased recovery time and thus healed faster. (Laszlo, Currivan 2008, Sheldrake 2003).  Astronaut Edgar Mitchell believes he was healed by a distance healer from Toronto and that inspired the creation of IONS. These results have been tested repeatedly since that time by organizations like IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) with similar results.

By Android Jones

The idea of psi abilities is paradigm shattering and is in stark contrast to the Newtonian and Cartesian worldview of many atomistic scientists. However, many brilliant scientists are embracing the psychic research.  Ervin Lazslo and other quantum physicists see psi phenomena as an experiential component of the quantum level of reality.

In quantum physics space and time are non-existent, information is non-local in nature, the information in the universe is holographic and everything is interconnected.  This suggests that all information in the history of the universe is within each piece at all times. In this level of physics all information is theoretically available to anyone at all times. These theories are developed with complex mathematics and are accepted by the scientific community yet the actually experience of these quantum realities in modern humans is very controversial.

Laszlo suggests in his books that psychic phenomena and accessing information through unknown channels is simply the experiential component of quantum physics at play. When humans guess above chance repeatedly they may be utilizing a quantum information system which gives them the ability to guess above chance. Likewise, when one is healed from a distance or senses a loved one has died or is in danger they too maybe accessing this quantum reality.

In-depth psychology, individuals experiencing non-ordinary states of consciousness report gaining insight into their birthing process, past lives and divine realities. This is often related to the collective unconscious of humanity coined by Carl Jung. This kind of information is obtained through channels which are unknown to science. In recent times, many of the states involving the collective unconscious have been called transpersonal experiences by psychologists and represent the variety of phenomena which occur when one can transcend the spacial limitations of the ego encapsulated self. When this occurs individuals experience what is thought impossible, ESP, precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy and access to detailed and verifiable non-local information among them.

Psychic phenomena is not just a creation of myth, superstition and fantasy, but is a controversial field of science which is fast gaining credibility. Thousands of tests have been conducted which point to the existence of psi phenomena as a reality. Quantum physics has put forth a view of the universe which can serve as an explanation for how it is possible with in the laws of mathematical science and theory. Multiple branches of psychology have observed these phenomena in therapies which trigger access to the depths of the psyche. Once the depths are reached people transpersonalize, or leave their limited self and enter into the collective unconscious and experience the quantum realities first hand. It gives us a glimpse into the miracles performed by the great saints of India and insight into experiences which emerge from spiritual practices.

Stanislav Grof states, “Once we accept the existence of transpersonal experiences, we realize that all or most of them can mediate access to new information through channels unknown to present science, whether they involve other people, other life forms, archetypical figures and realms, or various episodes from human history. Once the ability of the human psyche to access new information without the mediation of senses is generally accepted, there will be no need for a disincline specializing in the study of a relatively narrow selection of specific psychic phenomena. What in the past was considered “paranormal” will be seen as a normal capacity of the human psyche.” (Grof 2006 pg 173).

By Transpersonal Spirit

By Amanda Sage


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