Visionary Art is…

Visionary Art   Visionary art is an artistic style which pays homage to the mystical experience and the transcendent spiritual wisdom of humanity.  The art emerges out of the artist’s inner journey into the realms of collective vision. Visionary art is created to reflect their personal insights and experiences. The vision the inspiration for the... Continue Reading →


Personal Spiritual Quest: Psychedelic Spirituality, Shamanism and Yoga

Personal Spiritual Quest: Psychedelic Spirituality, Shamanism and Yoga. The spiritual quest has been at the core of everything I have done in my life. Spirituality is the examination of who we are personally and expansively and why we are on Earth and what we can do about it. Although I have only reached 31 years... Continue Reading →

Forest Intelligence

Forest intelligence The Ancient forests are magnificent and becoming ever more rare. They are the source of the most diverse array of life on the planet. These ancient forests are the lungs of the earth making oxygen and consuming carbon. When we look into old growth forests there are massive trees, soft ground netted with... Continue Reading →

Plant Spirit Communication

The spiritual and healing power of plants cannot be denied. How could any human live without the help of the plants? They give us food, medicine, oxygen and so much more. Plants have the power to heal the body, mind and spirit. The study of plant medicine has been ongoing since prehistory and highly developed... Continue Reading →

Nasir-Al-Mulk-mosque Sacred Architecture

  Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque     The interior space of Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque is amazing with visual patterns which seem to come from another dimension. In the Early morning the wall of stained glass illuminates the space with shifting otherworldly colors refracting against the patterned interior. This mosque is still used for worship today. This... Continue Reading →

Native American Church

Native American Church The Native American Church is a cross tribal religious organization which uses all night ceremonies to magnify the effect of their intentions and prayers. These ceremonies are done to communicate with the spiritual world which is filled with intelligence and life.   This unseen spiritual realm is interconnected with the natural world... Continue Reading →

Visionary Art

Visionary Art Visionary art is an artistic style which pays homage to the mystical experience and the transcendent spiritual wisdom of humanity.  The art emerges out of the artist’s inner journey into the realms of collective vision and their personal insights and experiences. The vision is then used as inspiration for the work of art... Continue Reading →

Damanhur Part 1

Federation of Damanhur Damanhur is an example of what can occur when creativity and art is applied to every facet of a community. They have created everything in their society using a cutting edge DIY approach. Damanhur is an intentional community of people in Northern Italy. “Founded in 1975, the Federation has about 1,000 citizens... Continue Reading →

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder was an aboriginal North American medicine man born into the Paint Clan of the Cherokees. The Paint Clan was the clan of the medicine people, Rolling Thunder’s grandfather was a traditional chief and medicine man. Rolling Thunder’s life was dedicated to the performance of ceremonies, rituals and healing to honor the... Continue Reading →


Shamanism The shamans were the first healers and holy peoples on Earth. Many writers speculate that shamanism is at the root of all the world religions and at the root of all healing practices. Shamanism also is cross cultural. It has wide spread use across the time encompassing human history. The shaman frequently ventures into... Continue Reading →

Visionary Art: Pablo Amaringo

Visionary Art Pablo Amaringo “The pictures themselves have messages and teachings that train the mind to see what could have happened in the past and what can happen in the future. They open up other ways of seeing, which you could call sacred or divine. I would like my pictures to inspire a different idea... Continue Reading →

Saints of India: Babaji

Saints of India Babaji Mahavatar Babaji and Haidakhan Babaji Part One Babaji has manifest in various forms throughout history, sometimes in human form and other times appearing to people on the astral. Babaji is considered a highly spiritual entity whom exists in realms beyond the conscious experience of the people of earth. He transverses the... Continue Reading →

Neem Karoli Baba’s Teachings to America

Yogic Masters and Saints of India Neem Karoli Baba’s Teachings to America                 The transmission of wisdom from the East to the West began around 1900 and has continued to this day. The last article showed a fraction of the timeless wisdom of Yogananda and the message he brought across the oceans in the first... Continue Reading →

Meditation: An Introduction

Meditation: An Introduction Practicing meditation can have many benefits for the health of our body and mind. Meditation has been practiced in many diverse forms for thousands of years all over the world. Each culture and region has unique practices and many of these practices have evolved over time.  It is difficult to say what... Continue Reading →

Reincarnation: Research For Its Existance

Reincarnation The Unmistaken Child is a documentary about a young monk whose teacher is a great Rinpoche. His teacher dies and this young disciple is assigned the task of find his masters reincarnation so the teacher can return to the monastery. They begin by looking for signs in the ashes and in the smoke at... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Path of Direct Experience

In life there are times when we become aware of a greater dimension of being, sometimes it happens through synchronicities, coincidences, in dreams, or suddenly during our regular routine.  There are many people seeking to be spiritually awakened and to experience the depths of the inner world.  This quest of inner knowledge can lead one... Continue Reading →

Yoga and Psychology

Yoga and Psychology By: Transpersonal Spirit Transpersonal psychology studies the intersection between mysticism, spiritualism and science.  The ultimate goal of yoga is to have a smooth flow of prana to lead one to the experience of divine union known as Samadhi. Samadhi is called the religious, mystic or peak experience in psychology and consciousness studies.... Continue Reading →

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