Psychedelic Research Past and Present

Psychedelic Research Visionary plants have been use since prehistory by human beings. Consciousness expanding compounds were used all over the world in ritual, and spiritual contexts to induce a non-ordinary states of consciousness. These plants were very important to shamanic practices, healing ceremonies, rites of passage and the mystery of death and rebirth. These ancient... Continue Reading →


Inner Dimensions of Global Crisis

Inner Dimensions of Global Crisis By: Transpersonal Spirit There has been criticism about the exploration and study of the inner worlds because it does not seem to help the external crisis occurring in the world today. Many people deeply engaged in inner healing through extended daily meditation seem to be escapists avoiding the troubles that... Continue Reading →

Healing Our Deepest Wounds

Stan Grof and Healing Our Deepest Wounds By Transpersonal spirit How Deep is Deep: Depth Psychology, Consciousness Research, and Archetypal Astrology. In this teleseminar, Rick Tarnas and Stan Grof will explore how psychedelic research has revealed the cosmic dimensions of the human psyche-by shifting the emphasis in psychology from postnatal life to the birth trauma,... Continue Reading →

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